Switching to m43

So I am switching from Canon to m43 after getting an OM-D EM-5. This has been a decision I have been pondering for over a year as the realisation that I sans't using my 7D and all its lovely kit started to hit home. 
I wasn't enjoying my photography anymore, and the olympus, while at times fiddly, is starting to shape up to be an amazing camera in an amazing camera system. Until I get myself kitted out with more lenses, the main advantage of m43 is the ability to easily adapt old lenses to the system. Case in point the below image was taken on a Fujinon 2.2 55mm, not the best lens in the world, and its stuck wide open, but the image pleases me, mainly because it shows a new take on that view.
So if like me your struggling as to why you have the kit, but not the inclination, I would strongly recommend investigating the m43 system.