Read 'COMPUTER GRAPHICS MASTERS' from Future Publishing presented by HP and NVIDIA

Get your free copy of 'Computer Graphics Masters' from Creativbloq today

Get your free copy of 'Computer Graphics Masters' from Creativbloq today

So this is an excellent read, 'Computer Graphics Masters' a 116 page deep dive into the state of the art in Computer Graphics.

How do I know this, well I was lucky enough to write a couple of the articles and I learned a LOT in the compiling of them, especially in the way that we are on the edge of a fundamental change in the way that the hardware that we use will change and that I can see the day when the infrastructure of render farms and multicore CPU workstations change into something much much more immediate and streamlined. 

I can also see the day when a lot of us leave 'Apple' hardware, I have already moved all of my 3D work to the PC) and that's why its good to see both HP and Nvidia involved in the creation of this book, because to be honest, they are the only two large hardware vendors who are actively participating in trying to answer the needs of CG artists, especially since Apple decided that the definition of a 'Creative Pro' user was anyone who used Final Cut Pro X and is a photographer (miaow!!).

Events like HP ZED along with their excellent hardware (looking at you HP Z1 G2 and HP ZBook) and solutions such as Nvidia's GRID system are exciting examples of innovation in OUR space which we should all be paying attention to. HP even do a handy switching from Mac to HP page.

Another great thing about the book, it is completely free, so sign up now to get your free download!