Modo Concept Image breakdown

Cliveden House :: Slide to save the South Terrace created for The National Trust

Cliveden House :: Slide to save the South Terrace created for The National Trust

Just thought I would breakdown a small still I just created for The National Trust for Cliveden House depicting a great project which makes a working slide from the works protection on a renovation project they have going on.

This isn’t intended to highlight how ‘I haz skills!’ as at the end of the day this really is just a modelled box. Rather as I had limited time (a day) due to the deadline, I thought that if you are a 3D person that you maybe interested to see my workflow, as to be honest in the time I had modo was the only solution, and before the haters hate, in other cases C4D would have been the best option.

I had to camera match the model into an existing compact camera shot. My contact at the NT is great for reference and provided me everything I needed except a 3D model. So I needed to be able to model quickly and visually have a method of recreating the camera with the info I had and render a range of outputs to cover my ass.

The Source Image, which I used file info in Photoshop to get the camera data from

I used File Info in Photoshop to get the image data of the supplied photo, and fed that into modo’s camera film back settings so that the modo camera had the same focal length as the real camera. I then guessed a likely height for the person taking the photo, made a simple sized box projected texture  the got everything lined up using the camera view and preview. I then extrapolated a simple box model of the scaffolding from that still using projection mapping. 

The wall model which originally started with projection mapping for the textures before high res 8k textures were applied via UV maps

I baked the projection texture out, based on the UV I had made along with the simple box. Switching to photoshop I blew up the image up to an 8k map as I had been supplied high res stitched photo elevations, which still required some fiddling with to get to work to allow me to get better definition for the final render which needed to be 4000 pixels across.

I applied this new texture back in modo, and used that as a basis to cut out out holes for the arched door and other small non complex modelling tweaks.

Slide model with Engineer drawing applied as background obejct

Then I had to make the slide. I converted the engineer PDF I had into a png and then brought that into a new modo scene as a Backdrop item, and used traditional modelling techniques after I started by drawing out the slide with a bezier curve that I froze and then polygon modelled away.

The final model

After all the primary modelling was finished, I created a basic model of the rest of the surrounding architecture, applied a shadowcatcher material to that to give me contact shadows, etc based on my modo environment which was split into two separate environment items. One for the backplate which was all the camera rendered and one the camera didn’t render which was used the grass field standard environment supplied in modo for reflection, lighting, etc. 

I setup my render outputs including an alpha dropped into the slide material just to create a matte of the slide only and then off to Photoshop I went. The good thing about using a image based solution like this is that the render only took a couple of minutes which meant I had time to get into Photoshop, add people (I find silhouettes work better for concept imagery as they help ‘tell the story’ better than ‘real’ people which can be very distracting) and swap out the sky and be able to give the client a couple of iterations of colour and people placement which was important to help depict the fun and function of the project.


Final modo render outputs

The real slide, picture from @i_saw_mills  showing the slide being tested by a crack team of experts! Find out more about Cliveden House

The real slide, picture from @i_saw_mills  showing the slide being tested by a crack team of experts! Find out more about Cliveden House

Speaking of fun, the project is nearing completion, congratulations to The National Trust for making what could have been a boring temporary works cover a great enhancement for visitors - what a brilliant idea! 

I just received this image of the finished slide, great to see that I wasn't a million miles away!! 

The finished slide - wow that looks familiar!

The finished slide - wow that looks familiar!