Immigration - Essential After Effects Script if you use 3D

One of the main reason's I am armed with CInema 4D and After Effects is the fact that they work practically seamlessly together, with 2D and 3D flowing between the apps like a good cold can of Diet Coke (I don't drink, therefore my liquid metaphors are minimal!). 

But what if you don't use Cinema or use Cinema but are working with multiple 3D scenes with many render pass layers for importing in After Effects, as I have over the past few weeks. 

You could be stuck, because the standard way of importing multiple passes in After Effects is limited, to say the least.

Thankfully there’s an answer Immigration, a script by Lloyd Alvarez from aescripts, allows you to import multiple passes from one folder into After Effects in a lovely hierarchal way, and handles file replacements as well.

I had been using the demo of the script for a couple of weeks, but yesterday happily paid the $45, as this script has saved me hours in implementation, and should be integrated into AE as soon as possible, in the meantime just rejoice at its existence