CreativeBloke in 3D World Magazine #157

Hi all, the latest issue of 3D World magazine is out, and along with an indepth look at the VFX on the Avengers, amongst other things, yours truly has another in the fundamentals series for new 3d artists. This month the topic is how to create an off-road scene. Interestingly this image was created in modo 601, as a test for the new features, the model came from a free stock site, but it require a lot of rebuild, specifically the bonnet and tyres where built from scratch, and the driver was added from the modo library. The smoke was generated using the new 2d sprite system in modo. 
The other cool thing about this month's issue of 3D World is, if like me, you get your fix on the iPad. The 3D world app is now fully retina display compliant and it looks fantastic, it also renders the pages much more quickly than the old version. This iPad, who knows it may catch on