Creative Bloke in 3D world Oct 2012

Hi all, the new (oct 2012) Fundamentals in 3D World Magazine, finishes off the dynamics series with a look at Fluids. There are also articles on Game Development, an area that we all need to look at as game development teaches you also about modelling efficiency, which with the increasing shift to mobile platforms is something, I feel, that all 3D artists need to start coming aware of. 

As for the image, I was pleased with this one, the fluids came from blender, which where then smoothed and tweaked in ZBrush, lit and rendered in Cinema 4D using the physical renderer and a bunch of passses which allowed final comping in Photoshop. It was good to get that many apps string together simply, and proved that Blender is definitely part of my toolset now.

Enjoy the magazine :D