Check out the latest 3D World magazine #180 for my Substance Designer and Modo Mesh Fusion reviews, as well into a peer into my studio


Hey everyone, there is a new look 3D world magazine out on the shelves (in the UK) and everywhere else as a digital download. Personally I love the new look, and as ever there is a huge range of articles an indepth tutorials, which this month I am pleased to say are starting to show how to use Octane Render, as well as a ton of wonderful ZBrush articles.

There is also a chance to view my setup, which since this article has been written has been augmented by a PC which I built to take over as my primary 3D station to really help me to get the most of Octane and mari. 

There is also a look at my good friends Glowfrog VFX, one of london's leading VFX boutique studios, which showcases there brilliant portfolio which is created by Nigel and his amazing team.