Check out my Appearance on the first Foundry Session

Well that was fun!

I had a brilliant time on Thursday at The Foundry's HQ in soho, discussing the 'CREATION COLLECTIVE' as part of the first 'Foundry Session', where the Foundry get artists to detail how we use their products, specifically I was talking about how I use MODO and MARI. The second half of the presentation was by Boyo from the Post Office who detailed their amazing NUKE workflow as part of the 'PRODUCTION COLLECTIVE', which has made me seriously realise (and after some tinkering at the weekend) that its time to step up to NUKE.

I would also like to thank Becks and Jordan from the Foundry for making sure that Boyo and I were looked after, and a special thanks to our gracious host Matt Plec who helped make sure nobody got stuck in a quad poly loop:D