After Effects CS6 Preview

The new After Effects CS6 does look like a really interesting upgrade, and the new premier looks awesome, as someone who has spent the last week in awe of dynamic link. There seems to be anew app called prelude which looks like a mini heiro, but time will tell.
 The upgrade looks worth it for the persistent caching features alone, anything to speed up preview is welcome.

The Pro-Video Coalition has an excellent write up, on the new CS6.

It also makes me hope that Apple swaps back to Nvidia graphics for the new apple kit which is due soon to make the most of cuda acceleration with Mercury, not that CS5.5 is a slouch on ATI it must be said. However, the majority of the enhancements are more towards mograph than dedicated vfx, although the new 3D tracker is nice, but the 3D shape seems like a stepping stone to something else, and my hopes of getting AE to bring it to NUKE for hard end VFX compositing with a decent 3D workflow seem dashed for now. (but now SMOKE is coming after NUKE, so is all not lost).