Quick review of Wacom intuos 5 pen and touch tablet


Hi, time for a very quick review of the new Wacom Intuos 5 medium tablet, which I also got the wireless kit for.
In a word this tablet is awesome, I am upgrading from my 3 year old Intuos 4 medium, and the 5 is in a whole different class from a construction standpoint. I really like the new matte finish, and the way the buttons are now recessed, makes them a lot less prone to grime and easier to clean. Wireless is nice, but your still losing a usb port due to the dongle. The killer feature is the touch, it means, you really don't need a mouse anymore, everything is controlled through the tablet. Which until you try it, you don't realise it should have alway been this way.
Short of owning a cintiq, (which obviously I am willing to demo if anyone is asking) this is the best artist's tool you can get for your computer, couple it with a 3dConnexion SpaceExlorer, and content creation is a dream in Cinema 4D or modo.
Thoroughly recommended, even for Intuous 4 owners, the inclusion of touch is worth the upgrade alone, but the improvements in build quality and the wireless option, easily make this one the best investments you can make as an artist.
Only negatives are drivers, the new 6.33 ones are a dud and can kill the wacom in 15 minutes of use, I am using the 6.31 drivers and all seems fine, just keep an eye on the wacom forums and don't upgrade the drivers until you have seen the complaints drop off.

I shopped around and the cheapest I could find the Wacom Intuos5 Pen and Touch Medium Graphics Tablet was on Amazon, if you use the link and want to buy I get a teeny commission, which is always nice.