Goodwood Festival of Speed 2014 Photos - Day 1 of 7

So yesterday I went to the festival of Speed at Goodwood for the first time, loved it. Naturally I and my cameras handy (gawd bless the FUJI X100S, surprisingly useful at sports shots if you get close enough). I am going to post (what I think) are the 7 best shots from my day over the next week. If you want to buy a print, please let me know.

You can view the images either on Flickr or My favoured choice 500px.

Check out my Mesh Fusion tips in the new 3D World magazine


Yup, its that time again, the new 3D World is out, and this month's is a cracker, full of Dinosaur info. Must say I really like the new format, and the range, layout and quality of the tutorials just gets better and better. There is also an in depth look at the history of dino vfx by Renee Dunlop featuring Phil Tippet which ticked all of my enjoyment boxes.
Even I managed to get in this month with a handy little intro to Mesh Fusion from yours truly, this modo plugin is changing the way I model and think about projects for the better, and hopefully these tips will do the same for you too. The new issue is available in the UK in print and everywhere digitally....

The new issue is available in print and ipad, personally  I am all about the iPad version, which is excellent

The new issue is available in print and ipad, personally  I am all about the iPad version, which is excellent

Check out the latest 3D World magazine #180 for my Substance Designer and Modo Mesh Fusion reviews, as well into a peer into my studio


Hey everyone, there is a new look 3D world magazine out on the shelves (in the UK) and everywhere else as a digital download. Personally I love the new look, and as ever there is a huge range of articles an indepth tutorials, which this month I am pleased to say are starting to show how to use Octane Render, as well as a ton of wonderful ZBrush articles.

There is also a chance to view my setup, which since this article has been written has been augmented by a PC which I built to take over as my primary 3D station to really help me to get the most of Octane and mari. 

There is also a look at my good friends Glowfrog VFX, one of london's leading VFX boutique studios, which showcases there brilliant portfolio which is created by Nigel and his amazing team.

My Future of 3D rendering article is now online!

My article on the future of 3D rendering which was originally published in 3D world magazine is now available on Since writing the biggest thing that has chnaged is the introduction of the new mac pro, which is taking GPU acceleration via an AMD route rather than Nvidia, which leaves a lot of 3D artists, such as myself, who now use GPU enabled renderers such as Octane scratching our head as we start to ponder new hardware in the possibilities which unfortunately are now windows based :sigh:

GPU rendering is here to stay, and if you want to go deep and see what the future of GPU rendering looks like watch this fxguide TV talk from Nvidia's Wil Braithwaite on the past and future of GPU tech