3D WORLD #179 - CINEWARE VFX Tutorial, CGI Camera Fundamentals, Houdini Review

 Check out my 3D camera fundamentals article

Check out my 3D camera fundamentals article

 The 2nd Part of my CINEWARE VFX tutorial is also in issue #179

The 2nd Part of my CINEWARE VFX tutorial is also in issue #179

Hey everyone, be sure to check out 3D World Magazine #179, not only does it contain the final part of my CINEWARE VFX tutorial, it also has my camera fundamentals article and my thought on Houdini 13, (which can also be found at

But enough about me here is what else there is:

'3D World 179 features a new ZBrush tutorial from one of the industry's leading artists as Pascal Blanché reveals how to create an atmospheric scene in ZBrush that tells a story. Inspired by his hero French comic artist Moebius, Pascal's latest work features his trademark use of colour and form, discover how he does it only in issue 179 of 3D World.

Also inside issue 179 are tutorials on how to concept and model a character for mocap animation. Two of Framestore's best artists share their process, as first Dan Mason designs the character and then modeller Adam Dewhirst sculpts the model for rigging in a VFX scene.

There are more VFX insights in issue 179 and the team track down the artists and animators behind the best TV VFX scenes, including tips and reports from the team's behind Game of Thrones, Fringe and Atlantis. Discover what it takes to work in the fastest growing VFX industry in issue 179.

The 3D World team also track down the best emerging and legendary animations talent, including an interview with Framed Roger Rabbit's Richard Williams and tips and insights from the best 3D animators, featuring the award-winning Kirk Hendry on mixing Maya into his After Effects workflow.'