3D World #177 - Read my VRayforC4D 1.8 review and Game Tech fundamentals

Hi everyone, just a quick note to say to check out the latest issue of 3D World magazine (issue 177) which is focused on game development, which I have added my fundamentals article on 3D asset creation techniques. Also in this months issue is my review of VrayforC4d, which is also available on (thanks to Chris Cousins for the render image) which is a hugely important plugin for those of us who are heavy Cinema users.

Speaking of Cinema plugins, the render for the game fundamentals (pictured) was created in Octane Render with the Cinema 4D plugin, which is at the RC stage, so will become a full product imminently. Soon we will get Octane 1.5, which introduces cloud rendering, alembic support and motion blur, enhancing to what is already imho an essential renderer (if you run Nvidia cards)