Check out 3D world #153 - Getting to grip with Render Passes, written by moi!

Right - This month’s fundamentals article in 3D World #153 which I wroted - deals with one of the areas of 3D that the more I use the more sleep I get, which goes against the grain for most things in 3D come to think of it. The number of artists who I have met, who don’t see compositing as part of their workflow brings me out in hives. Anyway this was the first issue of 3D World which I perused via the iPad, and the team at 3D World have done a magnificent job with the digital conversion, and this is going to be my preferred way of getting the magazine from now on, which this month, as ever, is ram packed with excellent article and tutorials.

Big thanks to Rob Redman and everyone at 3D world, especially the Art Department who did an amazing job with the article