zbrush dino - the sequel

Zbrush dino - the sequel from Mike Griggs on Vimeo.

So after last night’s video, i couldn’t get the dino head out of my head……

Anyway decided to carry on, and have recorded the process. This is also not about showing off how great I am at zbrush, because as can be seen I’m still in the newb and clumsy territory.

Also hoping to show this as an antithesis to a lot of the other zbrush video’s which are both brilliant and intimidating.

But the good thing is that with dynamesh and the insert mesh tools now available, I really want to make stuff in zbrush, and can now start to properly grind it out, a good example being creating the tail with the lathe.

Really pleased where this direction is taking me with my ability to create, even if at the moment this (very much) WIP is a bit…..messy.