Zbrush 4r2 initial thoughts

Ok after a very quick initial play, I can say this…
well of course i was going to make an indescribable red blob!
This is the Zbrush we mortals have been waiting for. The inclusion of Dynamesh, much more so than lightbox or zpheres enables free form mesh creation never before possible, and with a standard way of retopologising your mesh as you progress

Whereas before with ZB, getting to the stage of having an interesting mesh that looked good and worked well was sometimes a bit of a chore, especially if you wanted to created holes, this has now been practically eliminated with dynamesh. 

The one thing to remember is that dynamesh will enforce a workflow, of making your base mesh in dynamesh, then moving back to the traditional zbrush tools when you have your mesh blocked to a place where your happy. I’m fine with this, and moves zbrush much more into a traditional 3d app workflow app. Just remember you also have zbrush project files and multiple subtools to duplicate your meshes as you go

I’m really excited with the new release, and find myself able to make forms freely without the old retopo workarounds of the past.

Only problem I foresse is for people who have made training materials for zbrush, time to rewrite fellas

Joy :D