FCPX Primer - Devon

FCPX Primer - Devon from Mike Griggs on Vimeo.

This is my first piece using the new Final Cut Pro X.This was made with footage from my Canon 7D shot at 50fps @ 720p then slowed, stabilised and CC’d all within FCPX to see how it would handle it.

I also deliberately didn’t go near any training to see how intuitive the app is, the answer is very. There are still some bugs and UI enhancements I would like to see, as well as more control over how media is stored, but want to see how Lion handles the File system before I really have a hard opinion on that.

For this kind of work, run and gun, with footage sourced from DSLR’s on a laptop, this is easily the best app I have used, and suits my workflow well, but I am not a professional editor.

Rather I am a creative professional who edits digitally sourced footage, and uses the web as his primary distribution medium, and I am exactly who FCPX is aimed at, so I won’t be looking for a refund.

The app ran well on my Macbook Pro 2.3 Sandybridge with a 5400rpm drive (i want space and better battery life before anyone scoffs).

As mentioned all shot on a 7D, just outside Dartmouth in Devon, UK. using:

70-200 F4L
EF 100 f2.8 Macro
EF-S 17-55 f2.8 IS

I used a Fader ND mk2, which was much better than the Mark 1, except on the 70-200 F4L which came out soft. Not sure what happened there !?!

Music is by my partner in crime James Norton