Borderland - Full version

Here’s the full version of Borderland, the short that I worked on in 2010.

To be specific what I did was oversaw the director’s rough cut in imovie and final cut express converted to pro-res and then created  the final edit in Final Cut Pro working creatively with the director before I prepped it for onlining.

Also was the vfx supervisor using Nuke for rotoscoping and some scene rebuilds. Whole thing shot on a 7D using canon 70-200 L’s.

The other hat I wore was managing the data management and conversion process as well. Due to the great snow of January 2010, wasn’t able to make it to location, but we had done a day of prelim shooting for the monster with the crew, so the guys were well rehearsed in my mantra’s for data management

Premiered at the East End Film Festival in London in 2010