Purple flower picture = an iPad 2

 Purple flower Macro

Purple flower Macro, originally uploaded by creativebloke.

So have been in geek turmoil about whether to upgrade my iPad to an iPad 2, I know that in light of everything happening in the world, that if this is my only problem I’m a lucky, lucky person, which i am.

In fact in realisation of how lucky I am, and thanks from sage advice from mrs creativebloke, I decided to use the money I was going to need to upgrade my not even a year old iPad 3G to more creative use, and so I finally got round to buying a canon ef 100mm macro lens for my 7d.

This was brilliant advice, i love my iPad and it’s truly a revolutionary device, but it’s primarily for consumption, though I am using it create this post. But having a new thing which let’s me create in a way I couldn’t before, that’s a better way to spend your money any day of the week. So excuse me but the photo’s of the next few weeks will more than likely be macro cliché’s which I need to work out of my system.