why modo is the 3d app of choice if your a photgrapher

Because spotlights work like they would in real life, for example, bounce cards work, always look at top left corner as thats render view!One spot using a poly as a bounce card - works like it does in real lifeAnd light characteristics change dramatically with falloff dependant on direction.
same spot duplicated - see difference (and mixing) between direct and indirect lightingLove it! Look what happens when you chnage the colour of the bounce board and leave the light alone, the bounce light inherits the bounce cards colour - allow tons of refinement in your lighting setup.
change the material of the bounce card, the bounced illumination reflects that too!
Ironically I was into 3d before i really got into photography a) that was stoopid b) modo has helped me become a better photographer and therefore a better 3d artist! Sweet!