Zbrush tip - using modo 501 to tidy Zphere base meshes

Ok - so I have a zphere model all lovingly posed.Quickets way to get the basic setup = zpheresBut there are a couple of problems with symmetry in the mesh, which always seems to happen when you use zpheres.

Never mind, once you have set the mesh using ‘Adaptive Skin’, export the mesh as an obj. into modo, get rid of one half of the modeluse either the lasso or loop edge select>split to get rid of one half of the model

Then using an origin actions centre loop select the loop closest to the centre, scale reduce to 0% on the appropriate axis, in this case x, then use the mirror tool, and you have yourself a lovely symmetrical mesh. Final symmetrical meshYou then import the mesh back into zbrush, all being well, you have a fantastic symmetrical mesh. The other thing I do at this point is give the mesh a good inspection, to remove anything that looks like its going to be a problem, in this case seams where the back legs joined the body were over-lapping. Using the edge loop tools in modo 501, you can remove and then amend polyloops to your satisfaction - fab

Any questions - comments away