diplodocus Zbrush WIP#5 - workaround for goz with modo 501

And we’re in, slow render speed caused by me mucking around with new occlusion layer in shader treeGot it!

Managed to get goz working, but it’s a faff. And still seems a one way trip from zbrush to modo. Thankfully for what I need at the moment it’s fine. I still have a lot of learning in zbrush todo, but if I can get a blank uncoloured light(ish) model into modo from zbrush, for where I want to be I am laughing.

So the workaround is pretty simple. If you have modo 401, you can have it installed as well as 501, set your paths in goz for zbrush to recognise only the modo 401.

In my case to avoid confusion, I put modo 401 into its own folder within my applications folder. Make your uv’s, normal, displacements etc in zbriush hit goz and it pushes it straight into 401, save that file as a modo .lxo file and it opens merrily enough in 501 - phew!

Keep an eye on your goz cache files which in my case was Macintosh HD>users>Pixologic>Goz Projects>Default, this is where the magic happens, or in other words, this is where your texture maps live. Copy these out for use in your modo model.

Only main issue, is that once the model is in modo 501 its great, when your loading maps in modo 401 on the mac (in my case 4k for the diplodocus was the highest res I could get working) things are slow. But its copable, as all you really want to do is hit save anyway.

So its a temporary fix, and will do until pixologic releases goz for 501, which is hopefully soon. As for goz for cinema 4d, couldn’t get that working at all.