creativebloke - now powered by cinema4d

creativebloke now on c4d r13 from Mike Griggs on Vimeo.

This week I took a major decision and made Cinema 4d R13 Studio the key 3d development application moving forward for While most people will know me as a modonaut, and I will keep modo as a feeder app, as its polygon modelling tools are unrivalled, recently though its stability and development path, have made me look elsewhere.

My gaze fell on cinema 4d last year, and thanks to some excellent courses by @helloluxx on @fxphd, I got up to speed with cinema and its fantastic mograph and animation tool set.

However, modelling and rendering, were still weak in cinema compared to modo, but this is now rectified, by a reordering of the selection tools and the fantastic new physical renderer in cinema 4d r13. It’s quick and easy to get the most out of, this animation was rendered with the physical renderer, with post in AFX, and that’s the other reason to get Cinema as its integration with after effects is just plain lovely.

Also Cinema is capable of so much more than modo, and with the increased character animation toolset, the advanced mograph options. I can’t wait to share the power of the new release of cinema 4d with my clients.

So with thanks to everyone at Maxon UK, creativebloke is getting excited by the winter.

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