Escape Studios CG whiz 2011 contest is now open

Ah to be young again!.

My good friends at Escape Studios, are running the fantastic ‘CGWhiz 2011’ competition for the new 3D artist, either if your an amateur looking for a way in, or have been in the industry for a couple of years and want to help yourself get your next big break.

There’s another cracking incentive - prizes. You can win a HP laptop, an online Escape course and most importantly a showreel review by a panel of industry experts.

You honestly can’t go wrong, as you will be creating something that can go in your reel anyway.

Remember we are in one of the few industries where there’s a skill shortage, especially in the UK, and this is a brilliant chance to get seen and get known!

Deadline is 12th Novemeber, come on now get to it you lot and get entering :D

Good luck