Diplodocus Zbrush WIP#1

Ok so its a new year, and with so much software to learn, namely modo 501 and zbrush, I thought I would get cracking with a little personal project.

Well when I say little I mean a Diplodocus. After many weeks of off and on experimenting, using zpheres in zbrush to strike the basic pose, but after many bits of fiddling, getting long continuos shapes like the neck and tail weren’t working. So I exported a low poly mesh from zbrush into modo 501 (yes I bought the upgrade and was happy too), had a fiddle with that.
Using zpheres to map out basic proportions, I ditched the open haw later, as was was being far too fussy. Zpheres is great for initial blocking
First i started with far too many polygons in the head. It would seem the best technique with a base mesh for zbrush is to keep the polygons even distributed. 
modo 501 grab showing three different versions of the base mesh
But anyway, here is the first screen grab I am willing to share, the ref image i’m using in spotlight was found on wikipedia. Spotlight is my favourite thing about zbrush 4 I have been using the zbrushworkshops intro course. Ryan is an excellent teacher, but I need some other examples of workflow as zbrush is an app that I can see how I will love, just going to take a while to get use to the ‘unique’ workflow.
Would have been great if I had saved this :sigh: Still I have the base mesh, will take about 10 minutes to get this back into this shape
Oh I just found out I didn’t save the model - my fault, but still why doesn’t zbrush have a normal autosave or intuitive work process to stop me being an idiot

When I am happy with the sculpt, I will hopefully start texturing in zbrush, but won’t be massively alarmed if I do all texturing in Modo 501, just need GoZ to be updated for 501, otherwise going to have to do it the old fashioned export way.