Diplodocus Zbrush WIP#4 - struggling without goz for modo 501

where the hell is goz for modo 501Been struggling with the diplo tonight. One of the primary reason’s I bought zbrush was to supplement my modo and to a lesser extent cinema 4d workflow. The key to this was goz, which did all the hard stuff of exporting textures etc. back and forth between zbrush and 3d apps such as modo, cinema, maya etc. In my limited experience this seemed to work quite well.

Also in life before goz, the amount of reviews of zbrush which read, fantastic at sculpting - sucky at integration (I will admit I am paraphrasing a touch) meant that I held off longer than I probably should have.

I wanted to the painting of the diplo in modo, as that way, I can keep everything within a workflow I understand, and also is a good run out for the 64bit love in modo 501 on the mac. But its taken me and hour and half, 2 runs of decimation master, the second with UV’s to leave me a half assed lo-res result that I am not happy with.

Oh and I can’t paint on the mesh in modo. Of course I could spend time fully understanding how zbrush works, and that is my attention, but the lack of goz for 501 is royal pain, and means I am running around in circles wasting time for something that should be one button push. And for some reason, goz doesn’t want to know my install of cinema 4d v 12. But that’s fine.

After spending an afternoon using the new paint engine in modo on a different project, while bodypaint has a more complete feature set, I find bodypaint gets in the way of getting things done, and apart from some file location issues caused by me not paying attention to where I put my cache files. I could and would have carried on tonight at home, as painting with modo 501 was just fun. As it is in zbrush, and the ability to flip between modo and zbrush will be great, as SOON AS WE GET GOZ FOR MODO - PLEASE PIXOLOGIC.