Apple TV for UK buyers.

Ok so I finally bit the bullet and bought an Apple TV 2 today. I had had an Apple TV, but it was slow and hot, and couldn’t do that much - so it was sold a couple of years ago. So why buy another one, when I could have bought a web equipped blu-ray player. Two main reasons, I believe boxed media is on its way out, and the convenvience of download is the future, as soon as the labels, movie studios and ISP’s pull their head out their hands. Second reason, it took 10 minutes to set up and we had streaming music in the living room, along with direct access to our entire collection (none of the old syncing nonsense) over very fast wifi. Its quick quiet, and the rental selection of HD movies is good enough, and we already had a pretty large itunes, music and tv show purchased collection, and tbh I don’t want to spending my entire life ripping off drm

The ipad remote and Airplay works as advertised and with the improvements looming in iOS 4.3 its only going to get better, its a good device, a touch overpriced maybe for what it does, but the fact it does it what it does with no grief, does imho negate that. 

So if your in the UK and have a lot of a) purchased itunes content (check) b) an iPad or iPhone 4 (check), and want something that just works, which the majority of tv boxes don’t seem to, go for it. If you just must have the best quality, go buy a bluray, but for an easy integrated life, the Apple TV 2 won out at creativebloke HQ.

If you want to know more about the wee black box comment away.