Diplodocus Zbrush WIP#3 - Eyeballs and quick note about online training

Using the funky Transparency button to show, yes, i can use a 3d app to make spheres, its like 1971 all over again!I made eyeballs, not much I know but thanks to this thread on zbrush central. I was able to make a pair of spheres for eyeballs, append my current model, mirror and then merge. Very pleased with myself, its like baby steps all over again very fun.

As for Zbrush training, why is the majority of it streamed, why can’t everything be like fxphd, nice simple high quality quicktimes that I can keep, btw a new term has just started - I insist you check it out now. 

If I’m paying for video lessons, and we are not talking small sums here, I mean in the £100’s, then they are mine, and with that it’s my responsibility, if I lose them.

I should pay to download again if I lose them (say after 3 attempts). But streaming, especially flash streaming is a royal pain the bum, I can’t do anything with streaming files, I like watching training on my iPad on the commute, and the iPad is the perfect training tool, as it can be setup beside my mac. But streaming depends on fastish internet and thats not ubiqitous enough to be a valid format - just my 2p, if anyone agrees or not let me know

If someone can point me at offline zbrush training that would be great. To keep me going I just bought The Zbrush Essentials, and am coming out in hives waiting for Scott Spencer’ s New Book

But if you want to see teaching done right, really fxphd you can’t go wrong.

Eyeballs! Final WIP of tonight bit more work done on the head, creating the eyeballs has helped me sculpt the face, as eye - sockets now easier to manage.