Zbrush tip - Save your spotlight layout

As I said in my last post, I love spotlight, but thought there must be something wrong with the way that the zbrush project file didn’t save my spotlight layout. Turns out I wasn’t wrong, Zbrush doesn’t save your spotlight layout in the project file, which is both annoying and makes sense all at the same time. But you can save Spotlight layouts oh yes.

First make a folder called zspotlights in yer finderMake a folder called Zspotlights in your Zbrush 4 application folderThen go to your texture palette (top of the screen please) and save your spotlight file into the zspotlight folder you made in your zbrush application folder.

Save or load your spotlight layout from the folder you just made - click to enlargeJob done. The only slightly irritating thing is that now the majority of your work files are in your app folder. I use chronosync to copy these folders into my main document directory which gets backed up 3 ways just to be on the safe side.