How I used Aperture 3 used to solve my ef-s 17-55 problem

This weekend I aded a canon ef-s 17-55 f2.8 to the camera bag. My copy is great producing rich images, but its my second copy. The first one didn’t feel right, images were soft, and in general it was hard getting the ‘right’ image out of it.

Considering the cost of this lens, the focus was weird. The way I would double check this was using Aperture 3’s focus point checker tool, with pics of creativebloke jr, sometimes the opposite eye would be in focus from the one I was focusing on, and that was just odd.

The situation can be seen in the image below, the red mark shows where my focus point was, and as you can see the plane is clearly out of focus

I am sure there isn’t a bokeh airways (click to enlarge)So I could have spent the rest of the day mucking around with my 7D’s AF microadjustment, but as I had bought this lens from Park Camera’s I just took it back and they swapped it out for another new one.

The AF indicator in Aperture 3 really helped me reinforce the fact that there was an issue with the original lens, and reassured me that I wasn’t going mental.

Now I have kissably predictive focus and sharp images (click to enlarge)The new lens is great, I now have predictable sharp autofocus on a lens that can capture beautiful imagery and colour in low-light, which is all I had wanted in the first place.