Photo Tip of Today : Switching Lens

Clouds and Horses, originally uploaded by creativebloke.

Now normally I have my fast 50mm 1.4 superglued onto the front of the 7d, As its a great lens, and its genuinely hard to take a bad pic with it.

However I do have other lenses, which have been a touch neglected since the purchase of the 1.4.

One of them being the amazing Tamron 17-50mm 2.8, which is a much cheaper alternative to canon glass, the image quality is as good, it just can’t match the build quality.

As I knew we would be walking up on the hill at Jack and Jill (again), I decided to swap the 1.4 prime for the tammy which I hadn’t used in ages. It was great fun, and I was able to get images like the one above, where the wide vista’s opened themselves up to me.

So remember if your going to the same place again, and again. Each time try and swap a lens, also I try to limit myself to one lens per trip. it makes you see the same place differently every time.