Pic of Today : Brighton East Pier in WS

Brighton East Pier in WS, originally uploaded by creativebloke.

This shot was a test of the new tripod (a mannfroto pro55xb, with 804 rc2 head) which passed, as its very very solid and i could maim someone easily with it (always handy).

So set to 8 sec exposure and using the lightcraftworkshop ND fader, and Aperture 3 I ended up with this.

Why the pier, well mrs cb and i noticed that everyone seems to leave Brighton at Easter, which has always really surprised us, so I figured a shot of the pier on this quiet weekend was warranted.

There is some blowout, but I was trying to shoot HDR, and got a bit carried away with trying togo very dark (mistake) so this was rescued from one the top exposures.

The crop is very wide to make the most of the subject, never be afraid with the crop, its your pal and confidant!