Modo : Replicator Animation Using Morphs - Free File

Modo Animated Replicators Free Example from Mike Griggs on Vimeo.

Want to figure out how todo the above animation in modo? Well as I have been asked about animation in replicators in modo 401, and with the impending release of 501. I figured, oh what the hell, lets giveaway an example of how I do it. So I am giving away my Modo example setup of this animated dandelion, which is available at this link.

Nothing special, but hopefully, you can learn something from it. It uses morphs on the replicator mesh to animate to prototypes flying off. Also note that the position of the anchor point of the seeds is critical to make this chap work.

An example of this in action can be seen below. If this is of any use to you, let me know and if you feel like a donation that would be great too, as well as a good incentive todo this more often.