The iPad.....

image manipulation and layout with big fingers and no mess

This grab from the keynote is the moment that sold me. Phil schiller is using his hands to organise an image in keynote and then snapping the image to the one below.


I have had more calls and interest about the iPad, from people who know nothing about computers than any device I can remember, and it usually ends with them wanting to know when they can buy theirs.

The price is obviously a big part of this. But if I’m honest most people are excited about the touch interface which remodels itself to the task thats needed, which at this screen size is revolutionary.

By deliberately not being a computer and offering the file  and then choice of application to do the chosen task, but instead focusing on how it needs to configure itself for it’s users chosen task is what excites normal people, and if I’m honest me. 

For me the uni-tasking, not the multi-tasking, is a big thing. As an ADD like procrastinator, opening numbers without a twitter feed getting in the way will do everything for me.

Having looked at everything that I do with my laptop,  when you remove the option of ‘choice’ of how to do a task, like watch a video, write a document, keynote etc, then that gets me a few steps closer to actually getting the task done.

Also most people who read this would be the family geek, and therefore the family’s free IT support. Most of my family’s IT support involves finding where the firefox alias from the dock or start menu has gone. 

By creating a one step at a time approach to document creation, spreadsheets, databases (Bento will be great on the iPad) and so on,  support becomes easier, as the app is delivered through a closed platform.

While many balk at the Apple system of delivering apps, for the average consumer it takes the worry out of purchase and installation. Hence why the app store has been as successful as it has, people just get it.

We have a device which can justifiably run the small apps that we have on our macs. I could think of littlesnapper, garagesale, tweetdeck, and to an extent itunes itself which doesn’t need the grunt of my mac pro or even my 13” macbook pro to do what they need.

The brilliant squarespace app for the iPhone proves this point, it is now the primary way I interface day to day with my site, and is technically more reliable than the website editor which I am using to write this.

The dynamic of the computer in the house changes as well, theoretically for 90% of people, all they would need is a mac minI hooked to a screen (their flat screen tv would do) for occasional heavy duty work, syncing and backup. The home server is truly born.

The more I see of the iPad, the more its benefit becomes apparent.

Yes I will be getting one and so will Mrs. creativebloke. As she said herself, she barely uses the power of her laptop as she is intimidated by computers. Operating systems, applications, desktops, folder structures are alien to her. It’s not that can’t get it, she just doesn’t see the point of getting it.

To her the iPad isn’t a computer it’s something different, something thats there to help the user. The paradigm is shifting with the iPad and you could argue that its truly the first example of a computer as utility device..which you use with your fingers….genius.

Finally to the point of multitasking, my better half made the insightful point, that if it downloads a tv show in the background, while she listens to music while she writes and email, surely thats the definition of multi-tasking, she’s right!