CREATIVEBLOKE REVIEW : Canon Digital IXUS 100is (Powershot780)

Pulling one of these cameras out of your pocket impresses the ladees!Well whats going on with me, two posts in two days, I may have to lie down.

Anyway, I have posted my first shots and video tests from my little Canon Digital IXUS 100is (powershot 780is for those who live in freedom land).

This was the camera that I got as a ‘downgrade’ from my LX3. It was cheap(ish) £184 and is now cheaper  (£169 on amazon).

For those wanting to know my thoughts, simple, Its a better camera than the LX3, well for me anyway.

How can I say this?

Well its tiny, its always in my front pocket, living there quite merrily with an iphone and (now) an iPod nano.

Its got a really nice quality feel in the hand, and after a month of the pocket gagdet bag, still no scratches!

Startup is speedy, and the on button is easy to get access to.

The mode button on the back has three settings, AUTO, camera and Video. So you can go, oh look i want to take a picture, fiddle in your pocket, press on button, take picture………

This is different than the LX3, which with the annoying lens cap, really pig fiddly controls, and a body shape that took up a lot of pocket,  I would never ever have called it a point and shoot, more a faff, point, shoot, faff, shoot again.

While the LX3 shot RAW, I am an Aperture user, and still there is no native RAW support for the LX3 in Snow Leopard, so  getting the true quality of image I wanted wasn’t really possible (or in honesty took more effort than I was prepared to give). So I am now happy with a simple option of Jpeg, and Nik Software works just as well for jpegs as it does RAWs.This camera is not rubbish, see more images (and video) by clicking on the image above

Also, I was never really that impressed with the moving image quality. Video on the IXUS is comparable (and equals the 720p, though no zoom while shooting), but again with quick access to the video its easy to get access.

Reviewing your shots and videos is easy and playback on the lcd is strong and bright.

Canon also have hands down the most intuitive interface on a compact, it hasn’t changed for a few years, because it doesn’t need to. Getting to EV, shot mode, ISO etc is straight forward in Camera mode and AUTO mode just looks after what it needs to.

But anyway onto the goods, you can see shots and vids taken with with the little guy at in this flickr set

There is something which I as a hardcore geek can forget, which I was guilty of when I got the LX3. Life needs to be easy, and the day when I can get the quality of my 50D in a camera the size of the IXUS I will be happy.

That day isn’t soon. Also as I have a decent SLR, do I really ‘need’ a high quality compact. The immediacy of operation of the IXUS means I am taking more pictures, (at least one a day), and its this that makes me a better photographer rather than having the ability to make sure I have a camera that potentially takes a better picture, but is permanently buried in my rucksack.

Also non geeks, y’know, normal people, love this camera, whenever I get the IXUS out. I get oohs and aahs, and then they use it, ask how much and then go ‘I’m getting one’.

People just want easy. If you want a camera that takes pretty good pictures, pretty good video, you can have on you at all time, and is easy……well think about the little Canon.