LX3 is up for sale

The LX3 - cool but knobbyThe LX3 is pigging fiddly, video is disapointing and its too bulky, and RAW support has never shown up in Apple (yes its probably coming in Snow Leopard). But it also takes amazing pics. but alas three reasons against versus one for isn’t good enough.  I have decided to downgrade, probably to a Canon IXUS 100 IS. I feel its better to have a good camera on you all the on the time, rather than an excellent camera on you some of the time, and besides i have that anyway, its my DLSR……not everyone agrees I know but there ya go. I still admire the Panny GH1 and am lusting after a Olympus PEN but won’t ever buy one.

I have my 50D, which I use when I want to take pictures, the LX3 and the 4 thirds I feel is too much camera for when you just need a snap….. Anyway If yer interested in disagreeing with me about the LX3, feel free, its on ebay