Creativebloke review : Littlesnitch v2 the app for paranoid mac users comes of age

The new App window for littlesnitch allows much more intuitive control over your connections, whether it be by webpage, application or serviceJust acquired a littlesnitch license.

It’s the app from objective Development that sits and makes sure no information gets in and out from your mac without your express permission.

I always found it a royal pain before. But the version 2 release, is much better at reporting and also has a much more intuitive UI which allows you to manage connections and application privileges much more accurately.

For example Littlesnitch was reporting everytime I looked at an email in Apple Mail that had imagery, as each email was getting its imagery from it’s siteinterweb, That was annoying. But by hitting the ‘new rule’ button I could quickly set a universal rule to tell littlesnitch that Mail had passed its test and was allowed to borrow the car.

As soon as I did that, a license was purchased, also found this very handy little coupon code (DT-7A8B-7BC2), which applies a discount of 35% to a single user license - booyah! You can download the full app for trial purposes but it dies after 3 hours use.

Its shocking how much our machines talk to the internet, and Littlesnitch makes you acutely aware of this. The good thing is that with Littlesnitch you feel much more in control of how much of ‘you’ you’re prepared to let online.