Creativebloke photography : Remembering to look

I had to take the hound up to Devil’s Dyke to get some air. It was a typical 2009 summer’s day so it was cloudy, threatening rain and cold.

I packed the 50D as I am on the hunt for Dandelions at the mo. Three quarters of the way round the walk, nothing was happening. I spotted some insects mating, which I got, but it wasn’t insect porn by any means.

Then 10ft from the copulating bugs I noticed this amazing red spotted bug. So I went for it, a couple of shots In I noticed what I thought was a leaf hanging of the back of the flower, but to my delight it was a moth hanging on in the inclement conditions (why this particular flower was so popular was anyone’s guess).

I had my flash with the Demb diffuser, and I went nuts. Point learned, never give up and make sure your packing your flash to cope with our British summer.