Apple Launches New Final Cut Studio

Well its no Aperture 3 (where, hello, apple, hello). But the improvements in the new Final Cut Studio look very nice. Motion 4 looks like it can start to mix it with After effects (a bit). I always had a bit of a soft spot for Motion, as if you got into the workflow you could produce a lot of layered imagery very, very quickly.

Final Cut has more export formats, and time enhancements, along with a revised UI which will improve workflow. Since Final Cut was always one of the ‘quickest’ apps in the toolkit, this can only be welcomed.

But the main thing is the price. £799 (£249 for upgraders) gets you a complete DV suite, including a colour grading tool, Non-linear editor, effects, audio, encoding and burning. Compared to the Adobe Production suite priced at £1,700 it’s a total no brainer. Yes I know you get photoshop and illustrator, etc. But as I have explained previously, I find Adobe’s Europe pricing policy vile.

Anyway check out the new FCS, looks like a keeper