Creativebloke review : Posterino - or how to make a mosaic from Aperture in a minute

Posterino allows dense colages to be created in seconds, If you want something less linear, there’s the scope to change scale and orinetation of your pics - Epic!I had an issue last night, but enough of that. I also needed to make a dense collage of a series of my photographs from a specific Aperture/iPhoto library. I knew that there were Automator scripts to do this but after 10 minutes of looking I couldn’t find anything. But my searches kept stumbling across Posterino. I saw it was paid, but muttering to myself I downloaded the demo (which is fully functional, but makes a watermarked image for output).

Five minutes later I had exactly the mosaic image that I wanted. Posterino saw all my aperture projects, allowed me to set the project I wanted to bring in, and allowed me random fill and also then the ability to swap around my images s I was happy. The image I am using for the post took a minute to make. The best bit is I can output massive files, the file I needed was churned out at 6k res (nice). I paid for the app instantly. When something makes what could be a faff, a painless and enjoyable process then its worth the (not huge amount, about £18 inc VAT) coin. Try Posterino, guaranteed you will find a use for it!