Trying a Paid BlogCatalog listing for a month

Have paid for a month of BlogCatalog, the social network for bloggers, which seems an odd description in my tiny wee brain.

Reasons for doing this, well mainly to see if its a good driver to the site and $6 a month isn’t crippling (yet).

Also I’m an attention starved diva who needs more attention. The move to squarespace, has been on the whole benificial for creativebloke, mainly as I find it easier to post a lot more content. AAlso the site itself is a lot more indexable, and I have been pleased at how quickly relevant blog pages have been getting attention, therefore the site is in a place where I think the world deserves, some would say needs, to see it.

Will follow up in month to let you know if Blogcatalog is worth the £3.74p!