ATV flash good but geeky

Have just installed and the  uninstalled ATV flash by fire core, which purports to open up the Apple Tv to be much more of a media centre.

Well it does this and does work well, your warranty isn’t voided and you can wipe it off again.

The problem is that the various services that the ATV provide are not intuitive to use, and therefore fail the Mrs. Creativebloke test. This occurs by Mr. Creativebloke saying - ‘go to TV shows to watch that show that i ripped for you’, which is where we are at the moment with the current system. Instead with ATV flash its ’ scroll down, yeah down further then goto saphire, videos, or is it nito TV, sorry can’t remember, what do you mean I have broken it!’

Its a shame as the ability to play DVD rips with no conversion had me at hello, but alas the DROBO wasn’t keen, and I couldn’t get a shared folder to work on any of macs at all.

I am lucky enough to have the 160gb apple tv but even that would fill up quickly if i was just copying across dvd’s, so the other option of hooking up a USB drive while tempting, just isn’t as neat as the more intensive but tidier, rip>encode for itunes> wifi sync that I have now.

However, ATV flash is worth the look. Annoyingly you can’t try before you buy, but they do refund within 15 days if you aren’t happy, but I do feel that $50 is a bit spendy for the geekiness f the UI that is offered. My turnaround for a refund was 24 hours, so they are decent chaps too