Buying a DROBO there's a couple of extras you need to buy as well

I just got back from a weekend away, and found my DROBO had demounted itself and was showing as ‘UNLABELED’. I swore to myself quite vehemently, as this has has never been a good sign in the past.

This was due to my fiddling with ATV flash for the appletv on Friday night, and I think a combination of a lot of restarts and switching on and off SMB folder sharing on the DROBO had not been its idea of fun and protested by dumping its file structure.

The DROBO hardware was fine, but the mac wanted to erase the DROBO as it was unreadable. I quickly installed Diskwarrior onto the Mini, hit rebuild and went for a walk. About an hour later, Diskwarrior said yep, fine can fix that (I am paraphrasing somewhat) and 10 minutes later, the DROBO was back up again, with no data loss.

So a couple of must haves if your thinking of getting a DROBO:

1) A FW800 Mac that stays permanently connected to the DROBO. I cannot stress how much better my DROBO experience has been since I paired it up to one the new Firewire 800 minis (which I am typing this on now). The mini tends to the DROBO and looks after it and having FW800 speed for things like diskwarrior cannot be sniffed at.

2) Have Diskwarrior installed on 1). I don’t like diskwarrior for some reason, I do think its overpriced for what it does, but at the same time when you need it, there is no other solution to getting a disk backup reliably dammit!

3) Never mention how well your life is with the DROBO, as soon as it hears this, it will decide to throw a wobbly. I think the DROBO may be a bit mental, but I still love it.