Griffin Navigate FM Remote for iPhone - Initial Impressions

Griffin Navigate Remote - wheres the iFM app?Finally!

After an age waiting for Griffin and to sort themselves out, my Griffin Navigate was waiting for me when I came back from vacation.

Initial impressions are reasonably positive, its well made and complements the iphone 3g very well. The screen is top notch and the FM reception is pretty good.

The controls are a touch counter intuitive, with the menu and FF and RW buttons being the main input buttons rather than the play/pause, but once you get this it works pretty well.

The FM tuning is fine, but again due to the button choices, setting presets is a royal pain. Also the iPod controls only really work once the iPod has been started, (which in my case always listening to the first few second of ABACAB by Genesis, well I am 36 y’know.

Moving through playlists work well enough, but I would have loved a ‘Podcasts’ availability, but you can make a custom playlist for that easily enough.

All in all, as a remote and FM tuner, it adds to the iphone experience, as changing music on the iphone is a royal pain. Especially if like mine you have yours keylocked.

What will enhance the Navigate no-end is the promised iFM iphone app, which will control the FM and playback functions of the device. As of writing this app is late, I have twittered @griffintech for an update who is usually good at responding so will update this post if I get any news.

So if you use your iPhone as your iPod, get the Navigate, its the only ‘proper’ remote available, and it adds FM radio functionality, when the iFM app arrives hopefully it won’t feel as slightly incomplete as it does.