Being honest about Hard Drive space (and cash)

I’m a hogger of HD space, and I like lot’s of backups…which means I have lots of drives dotting about the place and because I’m a gadget freak, I also insist buying new drives when the space gets filled up.

In the current climate and also due to the fact that we NEED a house (marriage makes you more responsible apparently - who knew?). I am currently re-evaluating my need for new things and looking at what I currently have and repurposing, and more importantly USING all the features/kit I have available.

After coming back from our 2 weeks away in the States, I have a LOT of photos that need to be backed up (nearly 2k worth, OCD anyone?), and my little minis 120gb drive as well as my DROBO’s archive folders were already full to bursting.

The old creativebloke would have just gone and got another 1tb for the DROBO and a 320gb internal for the mini and had a fun evening geeking out. The old creativebloke would also have been £130 worse off.

We hear a lot about how drives are cheap, and they are, stupidly so, compared  to what they used to cost, but £130 is still not a small amount of money (besides modo 401 is due any minute, and if I am buying anything over the next couple of months, y’know what I mean…..).

So the NEW creativebloke explored the DROBO and thought do I really need rips of every DVD of the West Wing. Especially as the actual DVD’s are in a box in the other room, and they don’t take long to rip thanks to Ripit  and the turbo264.HD so with a quick purge of that 350GB was suddenly available on the DROBO. So the current archive issue was sorted, for a while anyway, and a while in Hard Drive land means potentially cheaper drives in the future.

As for the mini’s crippling small internal drive, well I use the mini as my home desktop and it syncs my aperture library back and forth from my MBP so i can use a bigger screen with the mini (as well as keep 2 copies of my aperture library alive and well).

Well I realised that the 500gb Lacie Rugged FW 800 drive that I used with my MBP for Time Machine backups was effectively redundant as thanks to superduper and chronosync, Time machine, while handy to have was a bit of overkill. 

It also as it was a portable drive didn’t need another power brick, something I am really anal about…..well Mrs. Creativebloke is, and therefore I am doubly so.

Thanks to the fact that the mini had FW800 which it connects to the DROBO with, and the drobo had a spare FW800 port. I wondered what happened if I cloned the mini’s internal drive to the rugged. Theoretically the mini would grow by 380gb drive.

Well so far it all works, I am typing this on the mini which is booted off the external Lacie rugged. Startup time ‘felt’ better and I have a hell of lot more room available, as well as a free 120gb internal drive which was the mini’s old boot drive, which I will use as an encoding bin as the turbo HD isn’t the biggest lover of the DROBO.

All this without spending a penny, I need to review my archiving policy on my chronosync scripts as the external is a new drive, and double check superduper is happy, but all seems well.

Now this system may not be as fast when both the DROBO and the Rugged are at full clip, but that kind of performance isn’t what my mini is about. My mini is my base system where I have access to everything that I need instantly, if I want power I have my MBP.

Sure all drives are at 5400rpm, but that’s not the point. The point was I was honest with myself about what kit I had and what kit I ‘NEEDED’ and I have a setup that at a base level works better than the one I did this morning. I know I have postponed the DROBO upgrade only, but as I said a postponement, thanks to Moore’s Law, does make economic sense, and that should be no more than £60, taking into consideration whatever I get for selling the drive thats being replaced in the DROBO. 

So in the future, when you think you need something geek , just make sure you don’t already have it, and also be honest about your DVD backups of the West Wing……….;)