worried by the surrogates trailer

Surrogates is easily one of the best graphic novels I have read this decade, and I have read a few. Equally I was excited by the notion of it becoming a bruce willis film, in a twelve monkeys bruce willis way rather than a die hard 4 bruce willis way.

I have just watched the trailer (embedded below) 

SURROGATES trailer in HD

The main issues of the book which focused around a complex exploration of how civilisation can easily get absorbed into a virtual world, would appear to be getting transformed into a by the numbers action flick……………

I’m blaming  the director for this at the moment, Jonathon Mostow. The guy who was responsible for the TV show that was Terminator 3, rather than B.Willis (us thick set balding chaps have to stick together for now)

Anyway, what did you think? I am especially interested if you haven’t read the book, as I think that if you haven’t, the film potentially looks like an I-Robot knock off (which no one wants) with a Total Recall aesthetic.