The quest for digital lomo continues

Went hardcore on the colour hunting front this evening and went full tilt at the banged up family heirloom which is my 12" c-3po which I have had since i can't even remember.

By using a colorspalsh flash (purchased from the lovely folks at zoingimage), and an iphone in the foreground shining a contrasting light, I ended up with a series of exciting little pics.

I was using the lx3, I could have used the 50d, but as I needed to use the flash by hand activation, as there is a chance you can bugger the hot shoe, I didn't fancy giving myself a hernia.

Setting the lx3 to a 1 sec exposure and switching all other lights off, I started thrwoing poses, in one hand he lx3, in the other the flash.

The fact that the lx3 doesn't have an instant shutter makes it all a bit more haphazard, and if I'm honest that makes it more fun.

The basic results were really exciting.Then running them through cross processing and the film effects filter in color efex pro in Aperture created a blown out 'lomoesque' set of images.

Digital lomo has begun!