Starting to understand preparation

Helleborus on Blue
Sunny morning and flowers in the backyard could have resulted in a reasonable ‘normal’ shot of a flower.

In fact heres an example of the same flower last week, with bugger all preparation.

However, I wanted to play with the Tamron 70-200 f2.8, and didn’t want to do the same shot again.

So I had a think what I could do.

First was the background. White was irritating me and thinking about the colour of the flower, I fancied blue. Luckily i had a suitable A1 piece of sky blue card hanging round from when I went mad in the craft shop in seven dials a while back, this was stuck on the exterior wall using clear duck tape

Second, there was no water, but I found Mrs. Creativebloke’s flower moistener spray thing and it was liberally applied (granted maybe too liberally)

Anyway, much more pleased with this as a shot which required hardly any colour processing,, a leaf was cloned out in the bottom left but that was no big deal.

I think I may get it enlarged for the house through vaultimaging in Brighton, but thats for when i have money, y’know that day…..