A new Tool for Organizing my Mac

I keep on deciding to do things which add to the lack of sleep i get. One of my current tasks, is centralising all my files onto my drobo which I have placed on my Airport Extreme, which works as well as a 4 striped USB raid over ethernet system will work (ie ok, not the fastest, but at least I never shelled out for a Droboshare.

But now I have the luxury of a centralised server and with the switching of my advent 4211 notebook to OS X, I can now do all sorts of semi destructive things with my content. I already have Chronosync, Super Duper, Carbon Copy Cloner etc at my disposal, I thought why not add another tool.

So today I have been playing with Hazel, which is a very handy and extremely powerful (especially when your learning how to use it, I have nearly wiped all my music twice) tool for moving and organising your files around your system. I know there is automator, but I find that more useful for one off tasks and scheduling automator I have found always to be a pig.

What Hazel offers is a set of rules of how to order your media and files logically, oh and its stupid fast.

It does take a while to learn, but now I get that its about stacking rules on each other with input and output, I know have what feels like a complete set of tools for managing and organising my music, tv and photos, and maybe one day reach the nirvana of one iTunes library serving all my macs with no duplicates.......Yeah, true, world peace would be easier, but we can dream, we can dream.