Working on my first short : Brderland : Day 1

James (the Director) does some animatronic driving through the medium of string.
Working on Brderland, originally uploaded by creativebloke.

Started our first day of filming on Brderland on Monday. This is a Horror short, directed by James Norton, with camera and production by @TheRoughCut, vfx and offline edit by me and starring @alastaircook.

The first day was getting coverage on the bad thing, and James had setup a set with water features and basic animatronics in a shed. It worked well, and with @TheRoughcut doing a splendid job on camera work, even Mrs Creativebloke was impressed.

The camera we are using is a 7d, and I used my 50d for hdr captures and general coverage, along with my little ixus. We paired the 7d up with both my tamrons (17-50/70-200 f2.8) and the trusty 50mm canon 1.8, and it performed admirably. For me it was a revelation, seeing my lenses producing amazing video as well as all my previous experience with using them for stills.

the 50d and the 7d stalk @TheroughcutIt convinced me I need to get a 7d, and also it convinced me that collaborative film making in this new age is very exciting, with James and I being newcomers to the film making world with @TheRoughCut providing the camera and lighting know how, we got some really nice results.

Next week is the location shoot, film-making in January, its cold but fun.